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Take advantage of combining shipping to reduce the shipping costs of an individual plant.

We offer free shipping for additional items. We DO NOT charge a handling fee for shipping, what you pay is the actual shipping cost. 

Do not hesitate to contact me with your questions. You will receive a response within 24 hours.



Cold weather warning: We do not provide heat packs, consider this at time of purchase, if you would like us to hold your shipment please leave a comment when purchasing or notify me via “ask a question”. Indicating it is to cold in your area to ship, please ship at a warmer date.

Hot weather warning: We do cut openings in our packages for adequate ventilation and air flow during these time periods. Considering that, plants do not do well sitting in a box outside in the hot sun. If the temperature is above 85 F in your area, please have someone available to receive your order when the post office delivers it. If you are not available, please contact your post office to hold your order for pickup.  

Remember we are shipping live plants, which are perishable, through a package delivery service, i.e. USPS and certain factors are out of our control. We do however take necessary steps to provide acceptable packaging of the plants to minimize damage during shipping. 



We do provide unpacking instructions please read them first. This may sound silly but it is necessary.

Upon arrival of your package, please unpack your plant and any packing materials carefully as to avoid damage to the plant. Be prepared to transplant / repot your new plant in the container it was shipped with or a larger container you provide. Most plants do not require acclimation to their new environment, however if yours does please place your plant in the shade and gradually move to full sun, dependent on plant species. Cuttings, transplants, plant starts are shipping with no container, be prepared to transplant them upon arrival.



All live plant sales are final. If your plants arrive damaged or there is a problem with your order please send me a message with a photo of the original packaging including box and plant. These must be identifiable in the attached photo in disputed claim message. In message please include the order number, product description title, your buyer name, your shipping name and address. Buyer must contact me for problems concerning order within 24 hours after receiving the product. Please save original packaging material including box if return of shipment is necessary. No refunds or replacements after the 24 hours has expired.

Product costs will only be refunded if the product received was damaged beyond survivability of plant, i.e. a slightly wilted plant does NOT qualify as a damaged plant. Once given the proper care the plant will soon recover. If the problem is caused by me, the seller, we will also refund the cost of the return shipping. Your item and shipping refund, if necessary, will be deposited through paypal.

Buyer is responsible for knowing the laws, regulations, and restrictions for shipping of invasive plant materials into their individual state. As these rules change frequently, identified below are some the current restrictions.

AK/HI/APO/FPO/PR: Vegetable Plants, Herb Plants, Perennial Plants, Bulbs, Annual Flower Plants, Fruit Plants, Tea Plants, Citrus

AZ: Vinca Plants, Wisteria, Citrus

CA: Ornamental Grass, Rose, Blueberry, Geranium Plants, Zinnia Plants, Citrus

SHIPPING TO CALIFORNIA DISCLAIMER: If you reside in the State of California, you agree to take full responsibility if the plants you purchased are confiscated, rejected, destroyed or compromised in any way by your County's Agricultural Department. We will NOT refund any portion of your purchase.

CO: Ornamental Grass

DE, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NC, OH, WV : Gooseberry Plants

FL: Citrus

GA: Blueberry Plants, Tomato Plants, Pepper Plants

MI: Gooseberry Plants, Blueberries

OR: Blueberry, Butterfly Bush

SC, TN, WI, TX: Tea Plants

WA: Blueberry Plants, Marigold Plants

We ship U.S. domestic. Sorry, no international shipping at this moment.

The plants shipped to the buyer are of top quality when they leave my nursery. I cannot be responsible for buyers growing methods or other plant care mistakes. By clicking checkout in your cart you are agreeing to these terms.

I know this is a lot of information to be presented with, but be assured we are simply trying our best to provide you with as much detail as possible to make your purchase convenient.

Thanks for your interest in nursery, make is a great SPRING!

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