FlowerPotNursery Chinese Evergreen Jazzed Gems Aglaonema sp. Jazzed Gems 4" Pot

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Aglaonema is a genus of flowering plants in the arum family, Araceae. They are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea. They are known commonly as Chinese evergreens.

These are evergreen perennial herbs with stems growing erect or decumbent and creeping. Stems that grow along the ground may root at the nodes. There is generally a crown of wide leaf blades which in wild species are often variegated with silver and green coloration. The inflorescence bears unisexual flowers in a spadix, with a short zone of female flowers near the base and a wider zone of male flowers nearer the tip. The fruit is a fleshy berry that ripens red. The fruit is a thin layer covering one large seed.

Plants of the genus are native to humid, shady tropical forest habitat.

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    An amazing plant, but...

    Posted by PJ on Apr 24th 2020

    The plant I'd received looks a little different from the photo listing. The stems on my plants received are green, where as the ones on the photo are translucent. Overall, I am not complaining due to the fact that they looked amazing and were really healthy. They'll go great with the rest of my Red Chinese Evergreen.