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FlowerPotNursery Ground Orchid Tropical Ice Gastrophaius Dan Rosenberg 4" Pot

The Flower Pot Nursery

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Gastrophaius abbreviated as Gaph. in horticultural trade, is an cross between Gastrorchis and Phaius Plants usually require shade and varies in temperature requirements depending on the species. Some species can tolerate full sunlight. Plants should be potted in a mix that retain some moisture such as 40% fir bark, 30% sphagnum moss, and 30% soil. Medium should be kept moist during growing season. When growth matures with hold watering for 3 to 4 weeks. Repotting should be done after flowering. . New plants can be obtained from the old spikes by laying the spike out in sand and half covering it. Give credit where credit is due: Wikipedia 2019
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