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Curio radicans, syn. Senecio radicans, is a succulent houseplant that is native to South Africa. A member of the family Asteraceae, the asters, this species is closely related to the common string of pearls and Curio hallianus. It has multiple tendrils of glossy, banana-shaped foliage. It is commonly known as string of bananas or fishhook senecio.

Like most members of the Curio genus, C. radicans is relatively hardy and easy to grow, making it a great starting point for novice gardeners and those seeking entry to the succulent or container gardening hobbies. An interesting addition to any home or garden, C. radicans is especially good for pots, hanging baskets, succulent gardens, and other areas in need of textural interest.

Curio radicans is native to the Cape Province region of South Africa. In fact, in the desert areas of South Africa where aridity increases, including the Karroid central region, the dominant vegetation consists of xerophytic dwarf shrubs and succulents, including many members of the tribe Senecioneae. In these areas of very low moisture, the grasslands typical of other areas of Africa give way to areas in which grass is subdominant to these drought-tolerant plants, which are frequently spaced far apart with wide expanses of sandy or rocky stretches in between.

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