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Rosmarinus is a small taxonomic clade of woody, perennial herbs with fragrant evergreen needle-like leaves in the family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean Basin.

In 2017 the species in the genus Rosmarinus were moved into the large genus Salvia based on taxonomic evidence. Thus Rosmarinus is no longer a genus, but still a monophyletic clade of species within Salvia.

Salvia rosmarinus (rosemary), widespread in the Mediterranean region, and Salvia jordanii (formerly Rosmarinus eriocalyx), native to northwest Africa and southern Spain have long been widely recognized. Salvia granatensis (formerly Rosmarinus tomentosus) was first recognized as a separate species in 1941. Rosmarinus palaui was first described as a species in 2002, although recognition of this species remains controversial. Recent research has indicated that while S. granatensis forms a monophyletic group, this group is nested within a paraphyletic S. jordanii.

Salvia jordanii differs from the well-known herb rosemary in its smaller leaves, only 0.20-0.59 in long and less than 0.079 in broad, and densely hairy flower stems. It also tends to be lower-growing, often under 9.8 in tall and prostrate, and never exceeding 3 ft 3 in tall (S. rosmarinus can reach 4 ft 11 in, exceptionally 6 ft 7 in tall).

Rosemary can be propagated from seed or cuttings in summer, and can be spread by carelessly discarding garden waste.

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