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FlowerPotNursery Golden Gem Rubber Plant Ficus altissima Golden Gem 4” Pot

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Ficus altissima is a large, evergreen forest tree, growing to 98 ft, with a spreading crown and often multiple buttressed trunks and characteristic of its subgenus Urostigma. The bark is smooth and grey, with small pale brown pustules. The branches are spreading and the twigs are hairy and often green when young. The leaves are alternate, elliptic to ovate, with entire margins and up to 3.9 by 1.6 in. They are supported on short stalks and have sheathing stipules. The flowers are solitary or in pairs and are in the axils of the leaves. They are concealed inside hollow receptacles which grow into orangish-red, many-seeded 1 inch figs following pollination.

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