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Medinilla magnifica, the showy medinilla or rose grape is a species of flowering plant in the family Melastomataceae, native to the Philippines. This plant is also commonly known as the Philippine orchid,[citation needed] and it is an epiphyte. Various species and hybrids in this family are well known and popular with plant collectors with Medinilla speciosa being found almost identical. The plant grows up to 3 m tall, with opposite, firm, leathery leaves, which grow to 20–30 cm long in an ovate shape with a short point. The flowers grow in panicles up to 50 cm long, with ovid pink bracts. The individual flowers are up to 25 mm in size, and are pink, red or violet. The fruits are violet, fleshy berries, about 1 cm wide. In the Philippines M. magnifica grows in the forks of large trees. It is an epiphyte, which is a plant that grows on other trees but does not withdraw its food from those trees as parasites do. Give credit where credit is due: Wikipedia 2020