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FlowerPotNursery Iberia Leather Leaf Fern Rumohra adiantiformis Iberia 4" Pot

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Rumohra adiantiformis, the leather fern or leatherleaf fern, is a species of fern in the wood fern family Dryopteridaceae. It has a wide distribution, mainly in the tropical Southern Hemisphere.

Other common names include leathery shieldfern, iron fern, 7-weeks-fern, and climbing shield fern.

Growing to 35 in tall and broad, Rumohra adiantiformis is a bushy, tufted evergreen plant with glossy dark green fronds. These contain round sori (reproductive clusters) on the underside of the pinnae (leaflets) unlike many other ferns which have separate specialized reproductive fronds. Many of the sori have protective peltate indusia (films), and prominent scales on the stipes of the fronds.

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